Static Analysis

For this, we use a particularly crude static analysis. We use a basic regexp match on the source code of each service to look for any code that references a grpc.StatusCode exception type. Even if that error isn’t directly returned – we don’t rule out dead code where this code is referenced but not used, we test the code for that error.

Here’s the code that returns a json object containing the error.

First, we setup an empty object that says any of the following exceptions are allowed if the calling method is grpc.insecure_channel.

instrumentation['grpc'] = {}
instrumentation['grpc']['pattern'] = "grpc\\.insecure\_channel"
instrumentation['grpc']['exceptions'] = []

Then, for each service implementation file, we do the following, adding to the list of exceptions to throw for that service.

file = open(filename, "r")
for line in file:
    z = re.match(r'.*code_pb2.(\w*).*', line)
    if z is not None:
        for match in z.groups():
            if match:
                    {'name': 'grpc._channel._InactiveRpcError',
                     'metadata': {'code': "grpc.StatusCode." + str(match)}})